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Captive (A Ciel Phantomhive baby daddy)

Name: Gwyneth ‘Gwen’ Michaelis
Age: Unknown (Ciel is 16)
Race: Half demon, Half human
Sebastian Michaelis (Father)
Heather (Leeman) Richards (Mother; Deceased)
Helena Richards (Half-sister)
Liam Richards (Stepfather)
Other info:
Her mother loved her unconditionally, more than her other daughter, actually. When Heather died, Gwen became the servant, and was treated very coldly by her stepfather. He would beat her and order her to give up her things that were her mother’s to her half-sister. Helena is also very cruel. Gwen’s always been considered the more beautiful of the two, and Helena’s always been jealous. The only reason she’s not with Sebastian is because her mother wanted to keep her. Other than that, he was actually upset to have to give his ‘baby girl’ up. Now that’s she’s found him, he’s not about to let her get away from him.
[A/N] Just a warning, THIS IS VERY SHORT AND THE CHARACTERS ARE VERY OOC!!!!!! I’m still getting over my writer’s block and This is my first time writing for this particular anime. Just saying, please don’t leave flames. I know that they’re OOC already, no need to point it out. Another thing is I’m tired and sick. So just keep that in mind.
Story Start!


                “Gwen, give your choker to Helena. It’s her debut and she wants to wear it.” My stepfather ordered me.
“No.” I replied, “She’s already got all of Mother’s other things, she can deal.”
“Why you little…!” He yelled, chasing after me. I ran all the way out into the street, then changed into my cat form. My clothes came off, but my choker changed into my collar. I know where my real father is. Now I just need to get there…
>>5 hours
I approached a door, and pounced up and rang the doorbell. About five minutes ago, it had started pouring outside. A man with the same eyes as me opened the door, “Oh, a kitty?” He asked picking me up, “No, you’re not just a cat. Your eyes… Don’t tell me, Gwen?” I meowed and nodded my head. He put me down, “Hold on, I’ll get you a towel before you change back.” He was excited to see me, I could tell. He came back with a towel.
“Daddy!” I exclaimed, crying.
“Gwen, why aren’t you with your mother?”
“Daddy, about four years ago… mom… Mom died… Since then that jerk, Liam, has been abusing me, see…?” I said, and showed him my back where he had hit me so many times with whips, and other things.
He petted my white hair, “It’s going to be ok, Gwen, I’m sure the young master will be more than willing to let you stay here.” He smiled, kissing my forehead.
“Thank you, Daddy.”

Three years later

“Gwen!” I heard Ciel yell.
“Yes, Master?” I asked, bowing my head.
“Raise your head, how many times do I have to tell you? You don’t have to do that.”
“But, I’m just a servant here.” I replied looking up.
“Yes, but I don’t see you that way.” He said, getting up and going around his desk.
Let’s pause, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s going on here. Yes, I am a maid at the Phantomhive mansion, yes, I am in love with Ciel, and no, he’s not engaged to Miss Elizabeth. You see, her father found someone ‘More suited’. Ever since then, Ciel and I have had… well… We’ve been together. Father doesn’t know. Well, maybe he does, but he doesn’t show it, if so.  Play.
He walked around his desk, and picked me up, slamming me on it, “Ciel…” I giggled.
“You have no clue how hard it is to control myself around you…” He said, nuzzling my neck.
“Ciel...” I trailed off, I held his head up to my face and kissed him, hard.
He moaned into the kiss, and started to work at my dress, running his hands up and down my thighs, “You will be mine tonight…” He trailed off.
“Take me, Ciel…” I whispered, “I’m yours for the taking…” I said, kissing him again.
>> next day (Sorry, I’m not up to writing a lemon right now. I’ll post one later.)
I woke up to my father standing over me, “Gwyneth Michaelis…” He trailed off, “How long have you been seeing the young master for…?” He simply smiled a creepy smile that said ‘You’re in deep trouble’.
“About a year…” I said.
“It’s not right. You’ll get hurt like I did with your mother…” He trailed off, leaving.
“No I won’t!” I yelled after him. He simply continued to walk out. I sighed and flopped by down on to the bed, noticing Ciel wasn’t there. I also noticed the time, it was around ten, by the way that the sun was in the sky.
I got up and went into my own room, and got out my dress for the day, and changed. Just then someone burst into my room, and made me black out.
When I woke up I was in a room, somewhere on the Trancy estate by the looks of it.
“Good, you’re awake.” I heard a boy’s voice say.
“Oh good, and you are…?”
I then saw Alois step out of the shadows, followed by Claude, “Oh, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten me already, Gwyneth.” He said, “You are going to be my captive here, feel free to scream, whatever you like. No one will hear you, no one knows where you are.” He said.
I growled, “Why? Why did you do this?” I asked.
“Simple, I must make Sebastian Michaelis pay for what he did.”
“What?” I asked.
“Oh, nothing you’d know of.”
I growled again. My father never did anything that would’ve affected this boy… would he…?
“Now, I’m going to make you suffer, just like I did…” He trailed off, laughing sadistically.
I spit at him. He grabbed a whip and whipped me. It’s a good thing that I’m used to this.
>>two months
“Are you willing to let me take you now?” Alois asked.

I shook my head violently, “No! Never!”
He ‘Tsk’ed, “Too bad.” He said, then proceeded to rape me, just like all the days before. I have no clue how long it’s been. Probably at least two months.
There was a commotion right before he could insert himself, and I heard familiar voices. Something hit the back of my head, and I blacked out.
Next thing I knew, I was lying on my old bed, Ciel petting my head, “How are you, love?” He asked.
“A lot better now, thanks.” I smiled, kissing him.
“The doctor told me some news.”
“What?” I asked.
“You’re pregnant.” He smiled.
I beamed up at him, “Something might be wrong with the baby.” I frowned.
“Why? Because he raped you…?” I cried and nodded.
“Shh, it’s ok. The baby will be Ok. We’ll love it anyway.” He smiled.
“Yeah.” I sniffed.

>>6 months to due date.
“One more push and the second will be out, Mrs. Phantomhive!” The doctor exclaimed.
Just then my baby girl was in the world.
“What are their names?” The nurse asked.
“The girl is Cecilia Phantomhive and the boy is Grant Phantomhive.” Ciel smiled, saying.

Grant (Grand, large) Phantomhive: The elder and protective of his younger (By three minutes) sister. He loves cats, just like his grandfather (Creepy thinking of Sebastian as a grandfather…).

Cecilia (Blind) Phantomhive: The younger one, and more creative. She’s more serious like her father, and she loves to dress up. She loves her grandfather, but is also allergic to cats like Ciel.


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