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Lithuania Lemon/ Baby Daddy -*-I Love You Like A Love Song Baby -*-

Name: Matrona Ivanna Braginski
Age: (Looks like): 16 (Is really): ???

Other info: She's Russia's daughter (I know, I make a lot of them someone's daughter, but doesn't it make it more fun? X}), but she doesn't have his attitude. She doesn't have that childish cruelty to her, and really, isn't cruel at all. That's why all the Baltics love her. Well, Estonia and Latvia love her like a sister, and she and Lithuania have a little fling going on behind Ivan's back. When she was born, her mother died shortly after, due to blood pressure going up and down too quickly to be stablized. She looks like a carbon female copy of her father (almost), much to her father's disliking. He wishes she looks like her mother instead. But none the less, he thinks she is beautiful, and dotes over her, and if he ever found out about she and Toris' thing, he would most likely kill him. Yeah, he's that protective. Matrona, or Mattie, and Toris were actually thinking about getting married at one point, but she knew her father would never allow it.

[A/N] Ok, I was getting ready for a thing tonight at Church, and I was getting ready, listening to the radio. Selena Gomez's song 'Love You Like a Love Song', and I randomly thought, 'This would make a good song for a fanfic.' and I've been trying to find something to work on for Lithuania for a while now, so here goes nothing! ^^
“Oh god. Not now!” I thought as my father knocked on the door. Toris looked up in fear. “Go! Hide in my closet!” I whispered, pushing him in silently. “Mattie! I need to ask you a question!” “Come in!” I yelled, fixing my bed, making it look like I was just making it from the night before. Which I really was. Just not alone, for the first part, anyway. Daddy walked in. “America is throwing a party, you want to go, da?” “Yes, Daddy! I would love to!” I giggled. “Oh, and have you seen Lithuania? I can't find him anywhere.” I had to stop my self from being fidgety. “No, Daddy! I haven't seen him.” I smiled. “Ok,” He said, patting my head, “Go back to whatever you were doing.” He smiled, and walked out.

I went over to my closet, and opened it up. He attacked me with a kiss, holding my face as I wrapped my arms around his neck. “That was close.” I breathed out. “Yeah, it was.” He said. I smiled up at him. “I love you, you know that, right?” I said, leaning up to kiss his nose. “I love you, too.” He said smiling. I looked out the door to see if Daddy had gone down stairs yet or not. “Go now!” I said as he walked out. We had to sneak around carefully. The only other people who knew were Eduard and Ravis. And that's only because they noticed that he would sneak into the bedroom really late. I straightened myself up, and walked out.

I walked down into the kitchen, and opened up a can of soda. I took a drink leaning against the counter. “So, how's it going?” Eduard asked. “Uh, what do you mean?” He looked at me. “With Toris.” He said seriously, “I saw the ring that he has in his drawer, and I know he proposed, but you declined. Why?” He asked. I sighed. “I really want to marry him, truly, but Daddy wouldn't approve, and if he found out what we were doing, likely kill him.” I said, taking another sip. “Well, I can't blame you for that reason, but he keeps getting it out and looking at it, depressed.” He said. “I know. I get depressed thinking about it, too.” I sighed in a melancholy way. “Well, I've got to go. If I don't, there's no telling what your dad will do to me.” That made me mad. “I really wish daddy wouldn't treat you guys that way.” I said through narrowed eyes. See, I wasn't mad at what he said. I was mad at my father for treating them that way.

I sighed, slinging myself down on the couch, after getting ready for the party in about two hours, and daddy was out doing some shopping. He wanted to get out of the house. I snuggled up to Toris. “So you're really using Belarus as a cover up for us?” I asked. “Yeah,” he sighed, “It sucks because she thinks that we really ARE going out. But the good thing is, normally when I go out, it's with Russia, so she clings to him.” I giggled. My Daddy's sisters are REALLY weird. I mean, the really weird me out. Ukraine, not so much as Belarus, constantly trying to 'Become one' with my dad and marry him. Um, incest. Gross. I turned on the radio. 'Love You Like A Love Song' by Selena Gomez came on. “ I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby I, I love you like a love song, baby. And I keep hittin' re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat.” I sang along. Toris looked at me and smiled. “I love your singing.” I giggled, “Why thank you.” We heard the door unlock. “Go!” I said, quickly kissing him, and went back to singing along with the radio, which wasn't an uncommon occourance. “Glad to see you're happy, Mattie.” Daddy said, patting my head, while the Baltics unloaded the car. “It's time to leave. Once they get done, we'll be leaving.” He smiled. “Ok.” I smiled right back.

“Ok! Time to play a game!” Alfred called out. I groaned. What does he have in store today? I sighed. “Hour in heaven!” He yelled. I groaned. I really didn't want to get anyone but Toris, and he didn't want to get anyone but me, by the look he's giving me. “Mattie! You draw first!” He said. I sighed. “Ok.” I said, and drew out just who I wanted. “Toris! Come one!” I said, trying to make it look like I wasn't excited to get back to hooking up with him. He nodded, and headed down the hall with me. “It's sound proof, so don't worry about noises.” Alfred smiled. “Ok! Thanks!” I said as he locked the door. I was automatically attacked with a kiss. “Mmmm....” I moaned into the kiss as his tongue expertly snaked its way into my mouth. He smiled and when we broke, he took some of my clothes off, and started going down my neck. I worked on his shirt as he found my soft spot, kissing there, leaving an obvious hickey. “Come on, this isn't fair.” I whined. He looked at me. “You've got all of your clothes on!” I groaned. He laughed, and broke so I could take his clothes off. This was going by faster than normal, but if we wanted to do anything, it would have to.

He was obviously thinking the same as me. He quickly took off my underwear, wanting nothing more than to feel himself inside me. He was hard alright, but not hard enough, so I figured a quick blow job – without him coming of course – would do the trick. I took down his boxers and put him in my mouth. “A-ah, Mattie!” He groaned out. “Mmmm....” I moaned against him. “Ngh.. aaahhhhh!” He was moaning like crazy. I got him pretty hard and stoped. He glared at me. “If we want this, You have to be hard enough.” I whispered in his ear. He nodded and pushed me back on the bed. “Ready?” He asked. We hadn't been able to do this in a long time. I vaugley remember what it feels like for him to be inside me. I nodded. He slid himself inside. “A-a-ahhh! T-toris!” I moaned out. “Mattie!” He yelled throwing his head back as I bucked my hips up. He picked up his speed fast. When he wasn't hitting my g-spot, he picked up my legs, making them go in the air, in a 'V' shape. “Toris!” I yelled. He groaned. He still couldn't find it. He then put my legs on his shoulders. “TORIS!!!!” I yelled. Yup. He knew he found it. I was seeing stars, “Toris... “I'm about to-” “I know! Me too!” He said, as my walls contracted around him, and sent us both over the edge. “MATTIE!” “TORIS!” We yelled in unison.

I looked at the clock. “Ten minutes.” I said. He nodded. We quickly got dressed, and fixed ourselves up. “Times up!” Alfred yelled, opening the door with a camera. “Aw! Nothing?” He asked, as he saw us sitting at opposite sides of the room. “Nope.” I said. Toris shook his head. When I got out, Daddy was waiting on me, while trying to shake Belarus off of him.

>>3 months.
“Thanks, Eduard.” I smiled as he handed me the pregnancy test. I had already told Toris what I think was wrong, and he waited outside of the bathroom. I peed on the stick, and waited the five minutes. I walked out. “I'm pregnant.” I giggled. “That's great!” He said, picking me up and twirling me around. “But to tell Daddy.” I said. “We'll tell him together.” Toris said, smiling at me. He picked a box out of his pocket. “Matrona, will you marry me?” He asked. I giggled. “Yes, of course!” I said, kissing him. I heard Daddy exit his room. I walked up to him, Toris right behind me. “Oh! Mattie! What do you need?” He asked. “Well, Daddy, there's something I need to tell you...” “And what's that?” He asked. “Um... Well... you see... I'm pregnant.” He looked shocked. “But how? You haven't been around any men but the Baltics.” “Well, you see, it's Toris'. And we're getting married.” He got angry, but when I hugged him, he looked at me. I was crying. “Please don't do anything to them!” I yelled. He then calmed down. “Alright. I give you permission to marry my Mattie, Lithuania. But do anything to hurt her...” he trailed off, getting his pipe out. I looked at him sternly. “He won't do anything to hurt me.” I huffed.

>>7 months. “Argh!” I yelled, it echoing through out the house. “What's wrong?” Toris asked, looking up from a magazine. “It's nothing.” I smiled. “No, something's wrong.” He said. My water then broke. “It's time.” I said, panting.

Just a little bit, ma'am” The nurse said as I pushed. “Ugh! Get it out!” I yelled. “She's here!” The doctor announced. I smiled weakly. “Finally! After six hours of waiting in labor!” I yelled. Toris laughed. “What's her name?” The nurse asked. “Her name is Kotryna Ieva Laurinaitis.” Toris smiled, holding her, looking at her green eyes as she cried. He kissed her and she calmed down. “She's going to be a daddy's girl like I was.” I smiled.


Daddy!” Our now three year old daughter, Kot, as we called her yelled. “What is it?” He asked, picking her up. “Laima and Svajime are crying!” She said, pointing to the nursery. We walked in there, and I picked up a two month old Svajime and he picked up a and a half year old Laima. “Shh...” I cooed, but she wouldn't hush for me, and Laima wouldn't hush for him. We traded carefully, and wouldn't 'ya know it, they both hushed. Kot giggled and ran into the living room, playing wit her dolls.

Kotryna (pure) Ieva (To Live) Laurinaitis: A daddy's girl down to the bone. She loves him to death. She's kind and thoughtful.

Laima (Luck) Rasa (Dew) Laurinaitis: She likes me more, and acts childish, just without the cruelty like her grandfather. She absolutely loves Ivan, and loves to spend time with the Baltics, who are teaching her their languages, which she has a nack on picking up for.

Svajme (Dream) Sule (Sun) Laurinaitis: She's another Daddy's girl. She's tough when she gets into fights, but other than that, she's very sensitive. She's more of a pacifist then a fighter though.

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