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Hetalia Thirty Minutes In Heaven/Lemon/Baby daddy- England

Ok, this one has the first FULL lemon on the four part series. ^_^ If you want to see what Schuyler looks like, go to the character's info page. =)

Before the party)
“Schuyle(r!” I heard my name being called. I turned my attention away from the TV, where I was watching ‘Sweeney Todd’ and turned my attention to my brother, Holland. “Yeah, what is it?” I asked. Holland was always trying to get me to do dumb stuff, like he’s about to right now. I can tell by his tone. “America just told me about a party. He’s holding it with his sister at his place tonight. Be ready.” He said, and walked off, leaving me alone. I pulled on my long strawberry blond hair. Great. A party at America’s place. This is going to be so much fun, not. I thought bitterly. He was so annoying! All he ever did was talk in his ‘Super hero’ voice and eat cheese burgers. I swear, I will get him to stop…. One day….. maybe…. I laughed at the thought. I just shrugged off the thought, and continued to my room. It was already evening, and I wasn’t dressed. I got into my normal attire of a blue shirt, darker blue tie, blue and black plaid skirt, with spike belt, fingerless black gloves, and finished it off with some makeup. I walked down stairs, to find my brother waiting at the door. “Ugh, time to leave already?” He nodded. “Great.” I said, sarcastically.
(At the party)
There were drinks going around everywhere, and nonsense going on. England was drunk as a sailor, having a mouth that was just as bad, America was going spazzy, as well as his sister, and everyone else was just acting crazy, my brother included. “So!” Ashleigh got out through slurred words, “We’re going to play a game!” She got out. Her brother got up, “It’ll be thirty minutes in heaven!” He got out, again, through slurred words. I held my ears as everyone either cheered, or booed. Either was it was way too loud. The number equivalence was a little off, so the chances of me getting England was pretty good. First, Vienna, who we all knew was going out with Austria picked him, after him seemingly getting mad. Next thing we knew, they were going at it in the bedroom that was being used, Ashleigh accidentally putting them into the room that wasn’t sound proof. We all knew what that was going to lead to. I groaned. I really didn’t want to do this. “Sky! You pick! Pick, pick, PICK!” Ashleigh said, getting hyper too. “Fine.” I grunted, knowing her, there’s no knowing what she would do if I put up a fuss. I stuffed my hand into the funky looking hat that was part of her collection, and pulled out a green slip of paper with a tea cup on it. I gulped, knowing which country liked tea the best, England! I blushed probably ten shades of red, as my brother nudged me in the stomach, while Ashleigh pushed me in the bedroom, that WAS sound proof, and locked it from the outside. Right before the door closed we heard ‘Thirty minutes!’ and a ‘click’ as the door locked. “So, how are you?” I asked. “I feel a little on the…… well, never mind….” He trailed off. “No, on the what side?” I pressed. He pushed me back on the bed. “Like having a little fun.” He smirked. He automatically kissed down my neck. “No one’s ever found it, so don’t get~” I got out before a loud moan. He smirked. “Don’t get what?” He asked against my neck, nibbling and sucking on it. “Nev-never mind…..” I trailed off moaning again. “England….” I moaned out. “Yes, that’s right, say it again….” He said. “No.” I moaned out, and flipped us over, me sitting on his hips. He was already a little hard. Well, I’ll just have to fix that… I thought. I bounced up and down lightly. He got harder. “Now I’m in control.” I giggled, and leaned down to his neck. He gulped as I found his weak spot, while laying all my weight, what little there is, on him, grinding against his hips. I bit on to it hard, and he yelped. I then proceeded to take his shirt off and rub his muscles. I traced the outline of his pecks, then traveled down to his abs, his skin was tensing under me as I moved lower. I was scraping my fingers down lightly, in a sensual way. He was too drunk to do anything, or so I thought. He flipped us back over. He immediately reached under my skirt, and rubbed me through my panties. I threw my head back. “More!” I commanded. He shook his head. “This is for torturing me.” He whispered in my ear. He slipped off my skirt and black thong at the same time. He stuck a finger in me. I threw my head back. “You’re still a virgin, aren’t you?” He asked. I nodded me head. “Then you’ll be nice and tight.” He said. I threw my head back, and almost came at those words. He inserted another finger, and another. “England! I can’t take it anymore!” “Can’t take what?” He purred. “The teasing!” I said, taking off his pants and shorts. “What do you want?” He asked, taking his fingers out, putting them in my mouth, and making me lick them. He groaned, feeling my hand reach down to his manhood and wrap my fingers around it. He let out my name a few times. He took off my shirt after I let go, feeling him pulsate in my hand, not wanting to let him have that much pleasure yet. He looked at my bra that was black and lacy, and took it off, sucking at my nipples. I moaned and pushed his head in closer to my chest, while his other hand played with my right breast. He pulled back. “Are you ready?” He asked, looking at my face. I nodded. He slowly entered me, making me cry out. “Do you want me to stop?” He asked, concerned for once as he stopped half way in. I shook my head. I wanted to feel like the girls my brother brought home. He got all the way in and hissed at the pleasure. He waited a minute, as my walls relaxed around him. “Move.” I commanded. He was more than happy to. He went at a slow pace. “Faster….” I moaned out. He moved faster. I moaned a few more times before he hit a certain spot, my walls contracting around him. “ENGLAND!” I moaned out. “God, Schuyler, you so hot wet and tight!” He said, throwing his head back. I flipped us over, trying to find that spot again. Once I hit it, I kept hitting it, making him throw back his head, screaming my name. We were too busy to notice that America was at the door with a nosebleed, Ashleigh dragging him away. The door slammed back shut, and not soon after we cried out each other’s name at the same time, coming. I collapsed on him, but he was still hard. This action went on for another half hour, and we had both cum at least three times. He finally went limp, and pulled out. We dressed ourselves, fixed our hair, and walked out, as if nothing happened. As we made our way down the hallway he stopped me. “Schuyler?” He asked. “Hm?” I asked, worn out, looking at him. “Will you, uh, I don’t know, maybe be my girlfriend?” I smiled. “I thought we had established that back there.” I said and kissed him again. We got out and the next couple went in.
>>3 months.
“Schuyler, I know some-thing is up.” England said, as I sat in his nice hotel room where everyone stayed after a world summit. “Well, you’re right, but I doubt very highly that you’ll like the response you’re going to get if I tell you.” I said, looking down. This was so unlike me. “Go on, tell me! You’re not cheating on me, are you?” He asked. “No! I would never do that!” I exclaimed. “Ok, then, what is it?” he asked. “Well, I’m uh…. I’m pregnant…….” I said, looking down. “That’s…. that’s great!” He exclaimed. “Really?” I asked. He nodded. “Will you marry me?” He asked out of the blue. “What?” I asked. He pulled out a ring. “Well, I’ve had this since before we started going out.” He said, moving the ring around in between his fingers, “I loved you long before I asked you out.” He smiled. “Yes!” I cried. He held me, while I wrapped my smaller arms around his stomach. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me, one which I happily returned. “Now, what about names….” He trailed off. I giggled. “Let’s see the ultra sound first.” I laughed out. He laughed along with me.
During the pregnancy, he lightened up, no more foul mouth (I had made him stop, because I didn’t want our child to have a mouth on them either.), and he laughed more. His disliking of America let up, due to me being almost best friends with his sister. They actually almost got along now. It was now two days until my due date, which would be March 15, so I was supposed to give birth on the 17, but nope. She had to come two days early. Anyway, I felt something wet go down my legs. “Uh, England, either I just peed my pants or……” “Or? OH MY GOD! It’s time!” He said, panicking. He was holding his head, running back and forth. “ENGLAND! JUST GET THE DANGED SUITCASE AND GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!” I yelled. “OH! RIGHT!” He said, and luckily got me to the hospital in time. “Ma’am, just breath.” The nurse told me. “AND HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU DONE THIS?!?!?” I yelled “Four, ma’am.” She replied. “Aw, how cute, NOW GET IT OUT OF ME OR LET ME DIE!!!!!!” I exclaimed. The doctor came in. “Ok, I want you to count to ten, then push for ten seconds.” He said. I nodded my head. England started screaming when I started pushing. “Ah!” I exclaimed. “Ok, the head is coming out!” the doctor informed me. “Yeah, what about the rest of it?!?!?” I yelled. After another ten minutes of pushing we had our baby girl in the world. I was exhausted. “What is her name?” The nurse asked. “Her name is Allison.” England smiled. I could tell he was proud as he held her. She had my strawberry blond hair and his green eyes. She smiled up at us.
>> 5 years
“Daddy!” Allison came in screaming. “Quiet child!” He scolded. “Sorry, daddy!” She giggled. She was a total daddy’s girl. “I want to go to the park!” She exclaimed. “Ok, I’ll take you and Allen out when your mother is done feeding Aralyn.” He smiled. I walked out, and smiled. “She’s awake.” Allen looked up at us with his dark blue eyes, and blond dirty blond hair. He tugged on my shirt. “When is my baby brother gonna be born?” He asked. “In a month.” England replied. “Uh, England?” I asked. “Yes?” “I think he’s coming now.” I groaned, kneeling over. He got panicked, just like the last three times. After five hours, we had another baby boy. We named him Asher.
Our kids were like this:
Allison:Acts like me.
Allen:Is calm and quiet.
Aralyn: Female: Acts like her dad.
Asher: Is hyper and spazzy.
They maybe a weird combination, but they got along…. Most of the time…..



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